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Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.Dipl.-Psych.Hans Joachim Schneider,

University of Westphalia in Muenster/Germany

Hans Joachim Schneider (*14.11.1928 +18.06.2015), psychologist and lawyer, was professor of criminology and victimology of the University of Westphalia in Muenster/Germany.

He was working in the "German Federal Police Academy" in Muenster too. He was visiting professor of many universities in all parts of the world, especially in Poland, Japan, China (Peking), Australia and the Scandinavian countries. He was Founder President of the "World Society of Victimology" from 1979 until 1985, served the Society as Treasurer until 1998 and was elected as a member of the Executive Committee until the year 2003. He was for many years expert consultant in criminological and victimological questions of the "Council of Europe" in Strasbourg, of the Secretariat of the "United Nations" in Vienna, of the "United Nations Asia and Far East Institute" (UNAFEI) in Fuchu/Tokyo and of the "Australian Institute of Criminology" in Canberra. Since 40 years he is regularly participating in the annual meetings of the "American Society of Criminology" and he delivered many lectures at these annual meetings.

He received an honorarydoctorate from the Polish University of Lodz, the Hermann Mannheim Award of the "International Centre of Comparative Criminology" in Montreal and the Hans von Hentig Award of the "World Society of Victimology".

Since the first annual meeting of the "European Society of Criminology" in Lausanne (2001) he is participating in the annual meetings of this society and he reported about the development of "European Criminology" in several articles in the German journals "Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform" and "Kriminalistik" and in the second volume of his "International Handbook of Criminology" which is published in two volumes: "Volume 1: Basics of Criminology" (2007) and "Volume 2: Special Problems of Criminology" (2009).

He published more than twenty books and more than five hundred articles (see publication list) in criminological and victimological journals and handbooks in thirteen languages, especially in German, English, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Hungarian. His textbook on "Criminology" was translated into Russian and Chinese languages. He was member of the "Violence Commission" of the German Federal Government (1988 - 1990) and was honored by two"Festschrifts":

He was member of the advisory network on crime prevention of the "German Federal Ministry of Justice" in Berlin. He was working for the "German Forum on Crime Prevention" in Berlin and was especially a member of the working groups on hate crime and evaluation of this Forum.

Hans Joachim Schneider is married to Hildegard Schneider (born Schneider) and has two children:

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